About our School

A Letter From Our Director

Dear Parents:

We are delighted that you have chosen our preschool for your child and look forward to a positive and pleasant relationship with you.

We are proud of our facility which offers a safe, loving, and nurturing environment in which children may experience many educational and creative activities at his/her own developmental level.

Kidsville, U.S.A. is licensed by the California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division, approved by the Department of Health, as well as the local Fire Department.  These agencies continue to inspect the facility regularly so that you can be assured that your child is cared for in a safe environment.  This Parent Handbook is designed to assist you in understanding policies and procedures adopted by this facility to satisfy the regulations mandated by these agencies.  After reading this handbook, please feel free to discuss any of its contents with us.

We maintain an ‘open door’ policy.  Parents are invited to visit any time during the facility’s operational hours.  Our staff is always available for questions or concerns regarding your child.

The confidence you have shown in Kidsville U.S.A. by enrolling your child in our Preschool Program is greatly appreciated.  The individual needs of each child are a high priority to us and we will do everything possible to meet those needs educationally, socially, physically and emotionally.

Kidsville U.S.A. Preschool Program is based on individual interests, values, abilities and the potential of each child.  Children are accepted and respected and our facility maintains a policy of inclusiveness never discriminating against any child or family due to race, color, religion, national origin, set or social class.

This is an exciting time in your child’s life and we feel privileged that you have chosen Kidsville U.S.A. to share in it.

Maureen T. Perera

Our Philosophy

At Kidsville USA, We provide an educational enviornment that encompasses all aspects of early childhood growth. We strive to offer the children an opportunity to learn and develop all of their Natural Skills. Our daily activities aim to deliver meanigful experiences, through which chidren can explore, think, and apply exsiting knowledge and cultivate new skills. Through careful planning we aim to meet the different individual needs of each child and provide a broad and blanced curriculum.

Our History

Kidsville USA has been apart of this Community for over 75 Years. Since then we have developed and solidified a well known name for our selves as one of the Top Programs in the San Fernando Valley. Over the years Kidsville has transformed into the amazing Institute it is today, With Award Winning teachers and ciriculum we provide a solid foundation for your child to grow and develop into Honor program students who excell in all aspects of their education.