Activities & Photos

Holiday's & Graduation Programs

At Kidsville U.S.A. We pride ourselves on putting together and hosting our yearly programs. From graduation to our Holiday Programs, we know and understand the want and need for parents and family to be a part of these experiences with their children. Also giving our parents the opportunity to join and capture these amazing moments. From our Halloween Parade to our Easter Parade we help our children with the understanding that all holidays are worth celebrating.


Dance Classes

At dance time with Stephanie we believe that dancing benefits every child! In fact, training enables children to develop rhythm, fitness, coordination, grace, and creativity. Children love to dance with us because of our commitment to bringing out the best in every dancer through fun routines and a fresh approach to movement. Our goal at dance time by Stephanie is for each student to cultivate a lifelong appreciation of dance!

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Piano Classes

Thaminie’s Studio of Piano & Artistry is a warm, fun, and a friendly environment where children enjoy learning to play a variety of music quickly and with ease. Each one on one lesson is customized to the child’s own pace of learning. We also have annual recitals where all the students are encouraged and inspired to entertain their family and friends.

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